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Research groups

The Department of Agricultural and Forestry Engineering hosts two research groups related to their areas of teaching and research. In addition, the multidisciplinary areas of teaching that encompasses the department makes some of its members to participate in research groups in other topics of other departments of the Universitat de Lleida. The scientific contributions of the research groups can be found in their own websites or the web pages of their members. The research groups of the department are as follows.


Research Group in Hydraulic, Hydrologic and Rural Environment Engineering

Grup de Recerca en Enginyeria Hidràulica, Hidrològica i del Medi Rural

The Research Group in Hydraulic, Hydrologic and Rural Environment Engineering includes research related to applied engineering in the field of irrigation and hydrology as well as in rural constructions. For more information about the group follow this link: 


Research Group in AgroICT & Precision Agriculture (GRAP)

Grup de Recerca en AgròTICa i Agricultura de Precisió

The Research Group on AgroICT and Precision Agriculture includes research related to the application of information and communication technologies (ICT) in agriculture and livestock. In addition, the group conducts research in precision agriculture and precision livestock farming, a discipline that analysis the variability and the spatial distribution of crop production parameters and its environment in order to help farmers make better management decisions. The GRAP is part of AGROTECNIO, a research center of excellence in agriculture, animal production and food technology at the Campus ETSEA of the Universitat de Lleida. At the following link you will find detailed information about the group, its members, research lines and  publications:



Other groups participated by members of the department

- Grup singular Dinàmica de C i N en sistemes agrícoles extensius de zones mediterrànies

- Grup consolidat UdL- Planificació del paisatge, gestió forestal i conservació de la biodiversitat (PLANFORBIO)

- Grup consolidat Energia i Maquinària Agroindustrial (GREA)

- Grup consolidat UdL- Química Agroalimentària Sostenible

- Grup consolidat Interdisciplinar d'estudis sobre desenvolupament i multiculturalitat (GIEDEM)



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