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Department of Agricultural and Forest Engineering


The website of the Department of Agricultural and Forest Engineering of the Universitat de Lleida is built to facilitate universal access and it meets the recommendations of the World Wide Web Consortium - W3C, thus eliminating the barriers that prevent the right of any person to access information and communication.

The department's website, as well as the Universitat de Lleida's, uses the OpenCms content manager. The created templates are accessible to AAA, however, as the editor used by the manager -FCKEditor- does not generate a fully accessible code, we can not ensure that the content of the pages created by the editors of the university are accessible to this level.


Accessibility guidelines followed by this site:

  • It uses standard HTML code.
  • It positions the content using CSS.
  • The font size can be changed using the browser.
  • Alternative descriptions have been added to most of the images and Flash content.
  • The site has been verified in different browsers.
  • The sections are accessible with the Tab key.



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Last modified: 09/09/2014
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